Occasionally, I will put aside the camera to pen a poem or something more academic. Please enjoy the few things I share here. I am also a member of the online writing community COWBIRD.

Casting Idols: The Golden Women of Lars Von Trier

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READ THE PAPER: Casting Idols: The Golden Women of Lars Von Trier ACCOMPANYING PRESENTATION Enjoy!

Exegesis of Exodus 25: 10-22

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A Pinterest board has been created that broadly describes many of the visual elements discussed in this paper. Visit the PINTEREST visual aid board here: THE ARK OF EXODUS PDF VERSION OF: The State of the Ark: A Material and Iconographic Exegesis of Exodus … Read More

On Passing

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On Passing (for J.C.) Years pass, we swerve, we veer, we right ourselves on the road. We pass like years. In all that time we think we are in control. We are in control. God rides silent in the back seat. … Read More