My lifelong passion has always been writing. It has been put to use in a number of ways.


In Marketing, the ability to tell stories and create narratives is vital. My writing skills have assisted many clients to tell their own stories. By organizing information, creating clear and compelling imagery, and insisting on authenticity and sincerity, I have helped them capture the inherent and innate qualities of their brand. “I hadn’t thought of that…” is a line I often hear. I amplify the areas they wish to promote, and create a circumspect structure to fill out their stories. I do enjoy uncovering what is important and getting to the dynamic core of a story—its heart and soul.  A balance of pragmatism and creativity, which is inherent in Marketing, is vital when writing for clients.


Several times throughout my career I have been asked to contribute “thought leadership” articles for books and magazines. I have been honored to have features in Profiting by Design (Marlene Richey, MJSA Press). I have also written opinion editorial for industry articles and blogs. An article I wrote on the material culture of the Ark in Exodus was published in ADORNMENT magazine.


Whether thinking of a tagline for a promotion, creating clear copy for a campaign, organizing the structure of a brand narrative, or naming a piece or product line, I have been happy to use my talents to assist my clients.


Finally comes the personal side of my passion: I have always kept files of poems, short fiction and ideas for stories. I own everything I have put down on paper or on a computer hard drive since I was in pre-school! If all those writings over all those years were drops of water in a well, then my well is overflowing. In 2018, I decided to begin submitting my writing to editors, journals, and publishers for consideration. Littoral Books published my first set of stories in an anthology called North by Northeast. I spend a considerable amount of my free time writing, editing or submitting works.