Jewelry Photography 1993-2007

Jewelry photography came to me early in my career. In college I began photographing jewelry for the metalsmithing department at the Maine College of Art, and ultimateIy I began photographing for some local jewelers in Maine after graduating. Within several years I established myself as trustworthy and dependable and continued with jewelry photography. In a studio in downtown Portland, Maine I began a rewarding career working with artisan jewelers all over US.

The opportunity to work in the art and designer jewelry world has been terrific. I feel very happy to help emerging artisanal businesses establish themselves as a part of the important handmade movement.

John Hardy: 2007-2008

In 2007 my career took a turn after photographing John Hardy’s Fall 2007 collections. The photoshoot in Bali was successful. I offered their Marketing/Media Director’s position in Bali. This exciting opportunity was a wonderful addition to my career experience. Innate organizational skills from having run a business for almost two decades, my ability to manage and work with a variety of people and my love of the industry made for great success.

Berlian Arts: 2008-present

It was exciting to bring my talents to my a larger circle of artists in 2008 when I returned to the US and Berlian Arts was established. I was continuing to offer jewelry photography and added graphic design, web development and consultation services. The Dana Warp Mill in Westbrook, Maine, just outside of trendy Portland, became home to Berlian Arts in 2013 (and home of the mysterious “Wessie” of National Geographic fame). This sprawling historic textile factory is home to a number of small creative businesses.  Bringing in a talented business partner Berlian Arts continues to work with a complement of artists around the US, including several who are making a name in the design world.

Todd Reed Jewelry: 2016

I took the opportunity to work exclusively with Todd Reed Jewelry in Boulder, CO. The transition to Head of Marketing has been fun and challenging (in a good way).

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