“Hati-Hati! Ada Upacara Agama” is a roadsign you will see everywhere in Bali. ┬áTranslated it means “Attention! There is a Ceremony In Progress!”

Bhakti, or devotional worship, is a ubiquitous and everyday practice on the island. Colorful Canang Sari, small woven baskets filled with carefully articulated flower petals specifically chosen for their symbolic colors, are found everywhere. Every morning the Balinese lay our the Canang Sari, say their prayer and finish the ceremony by adding rice or some other confection to the offering. It was not unusual to see crackers or small candy bars mixed with the colorful flowers.

In the hot tropical sun the canang were picked over by ants, cats and the ever-present Bali Dogs, then left to bake into various tints of brown and gray.

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