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Annie Seikonia


Manokwari, West Papua

Photography has been the foundation of my career.

I was put into a photography course in college as a second choice elective. I fell in love with the process. I learned basic SLR techniques, how to process film and develop images in both black and white and color. I found my voice when I discovered studio photography and aspired to the level of technique in the work of F. Holland Day, George Hurrell, Robert Mapplethorpe, Irving Penn to name just a few.

During my Junior year the head of the metalsmithing department came to the photography department asking us to photograph a piece of jewelry for a magazine. I volunteered, It took me a full day to get the lighting right for just one piece of jewelry; however, the passion (and the patience) stuck with me. Metalsmithing returned again and again, and by the time I graduated I was photographing a few jewelers around Portland.

Through word of mouth my business grew, and within a few short years after graduating I had a thriving studio in downtown Portland, Maine. My work was commercial at that point, being one of several technically capable photographers oriented toward the fine jewelry craft market. I began traveling then, taking my love for studio photography and translating it to the the open road! I became less interested in photo documentation and more aligned with the “Life Stills” out there in the world: moments of juxtaposition, composition, color, form that are evocative.

Today I lead at Berlian Arts, a boutique marketing firm for creative businesses while continuing to nurture my creative practice as a visual artist and a writer..


Early in my career as a jewelry photographer author Tim McCreight (Brynmorgen Press) often employed me to take photographs for his books. The association with Tim and the many photography credits of mine that accompanied his publications helped to launch my career. These opportunities led to more, and in time many of my photos were published in the industry’s leading publications including books, blogs and magazines.


In addition to the many books in which I have published photographs (including a few cover photos) I have included a list of trade magazines in which my jewelry photos have been featured.

American Style

American Vogue

Bead And Button

Boston Globe

The Crafts Report

Down East



Gems & Jewellery

Huffington Post

Improper Bostonian

International Jeweler




Jewellery Business

L.A. Times

Lapidary Journal

MJSA Journal



Portland Magazine


Surface Design


Textile Forum

Town & Country

Vanity Fair

Vineyard Style

Women’s Wear Daily