My Marketing Philosophy

To some Marketing seems like voodoo, like throwing darts at a target, or “gut feelings.” But what people like to call “instinct” is really years of experience that has morphed into deep-rooted insight. Marketing is making informed decisions based on empirical evidence, using methods that are tested and reliable, while remaining nimble and open to change. Being a good marketer is being patient: having long term goals and knowing how to navigate the challenges along the way. More than anything, it is believing in the product you are marketing!


When the Digital Revolution came along I welcomed in the new tools and integrated them into my business. I evolved and educated myself to meet the rising demand from clients to help them crossover into the “new way” of doing business. What is most interesting is how–regardless of how new the digital tools are–experience and knowledge are still the most important tools for making informed decisions. It is not difficult to mine analytics and data. What to do with that data is the ultimate concern. I love that challenge.


I do believe a really dedicated marketer can move into any arena he or she feels passionate about and succeed. The principles of marketing can be superimposed over any model.

“Being a good marketer is being patient:

having long term goals

and knowing how to navigate the challenges along the way.”

Thought Leadership

I have been honored to meet amazing industry leaders and offer insights when asked. Below are a few examples:

Recording History By Marlene Richey

interview for Rio Grande

During the 35 years since, Marlene Richey has run a wholesale business and a retail gallery, participated in hundreds of craft and trade shows, and traveled across America selling jewelry. She has served on the boards of SNAGCJDGMaine Craft AssociationMetalwerx and WJA. Marlene consults with artists, teaches workshops and was professor at the Fashion Institute of Technology and Maine College of Art. She is also a contributor to various jewelry and craft publications and wrote an award-winning book on running a jewelry business, Profiting by Design.

Read the full interview on the Rio Grande Website.

WJA Interview at COUTURE 2016

Robert Diamante for Todd Reed Jewelry

I was honored to speak to the Woman’s Jewelry Association on behalf of Todd Reed jewelry during the COUTURE 2016 pre-show. I was serving as Head of Marketing and Communications at the time.