A creative Marketing Executive with over 25 years of experience helping businesses find their voice.


I began photographing jewelry while still in college. After graduating, I continued by photographing for local jewelers in Maine. Within a few years I had established myself as trustworthy and dependable resource for jewelers throughout New England and along the East Coast. I setup my studio in downtown Portland and began a rewarding career that has been thriving and evolving since 1992.

As my business grew, so did my skills as a marketer. I became well versed in industry best practices and dedicated myself to introducing new technologies to my clients. Within a decade I had clients all over the US and several internationally. A great opportunity came when I was asked to photograph John Hardy’s Fall collections in 2007. That led to an exciting year-long position in Bali, which allowed me to build on my experiences and skills as a marketer in the international arena. The opportunity also allowed me to get an overview of how the coming Digital Revolution would affect my business and the companies I work with. When I returned to the US I formed Berlian Arts as a boutique creative services agency. I brought on a CAD and WEB developer (my business partner Nick Thompson) and began to expand into larger markets. Now, I am able to offer marketing services on a contract basis while accommodating clients who need jewelry photography, design, web development, and CAD.

Writing is an art I have been developing my entire life. Having a business that requires exceptional skills at story-telling has made great use of this talent. I enjoy uncovering what is important and getting to the dynamic core of a story—its heart and soul.  A balance of pragmatism and creativity, which is inherent in Marketing, is vital when writing for clients. Recently, I began sharing more of my fiction writings and have been honored to have several pieces chosen for publication. In addition, my involvement in the literary and academic worlds have allowed me to extend my marketing skills into new arenas.


I am committed to continual growth and appreciate travel as an important part of my evolution. I have been very fortunate to visit many countries around the globe. Traveling to new places and meeting interesting people have broadened my perspective. Travel influences all aspects of my personal and professional life—and will continue to do so.